Our 合作伙伴hip with 哥伦比亚大学

十大电竞游戏综合排名 & 哥伦比亚
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十大电竞游戏综合排名 and 哥伦比亚大学 have a historic relationship that’s unique in American higher education. 学生 share academic resources along with extracurricular activities, 运动场地, 甚至食堂. 十大电竞游戏综合排名, you’ll benefit from a college experience that offers small, intimate classes in a collaborative environment dedicated to women, along with access to the vast academic resources of 哥伦比亚大学, 就在街对面.

十大电竞游戏综合排名 + 哥伦比亚 = the Ultimate Academic Powerhouse


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A Whole That’s Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts

学生 from 十大电竞游戏综合排名 and 哥伦比亚 share course catalogs and can take classes at either campus. From dance to differential math and architecture to philosophy, you’ll have the advantages of a flexible liberal arts curriculum that grows with you and that you can shape to meet your evolving interests.

十大电竞游戏综合排名 students can also opt to pursue a joint degree program in coordination with 哥伦比亚's School of International and 公共事务 and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

4+1 Pathways to a Master’s Degree

十大电竞游戏综合排名 and 哥伦比亚 partner on several 4+1 Pathways that let you earn a 十大电竞游戏综合排名 bachelor’s degree and a 哥伦比亚 master’s degree in just five years. One of the newest is in engineering and applied sciences.

十大电竞游戏综合排名 Professors Are 哥伦比亚 Professors, Too

All tenured 十大电竞游戏综合排名 professors are also tenured at 哥伦比亚大学, where they’re free to pursue their academic interests with full access to the world-class resources of a large research university. This means you study with the best teacher-scholars in the country.